Camping Cots: Comfortable And Versatile Bedding

If you’re planning on going someplace that requires you to bring your own bedding, camping cots provides a slightly more luxurious alternative to the traditional sleeping bag. They often fold up into a compact shape for easy storage when they’re not being used. These portable beds can be found in a variety of places ranging from mainstream department and sporting goods outlets to military surplus stores and even pawn shops.
The Advantages
Camping cots are superior to other travel bedding in many ways.
When you’re camping, lying on the cold, hard ground in a sleeping bag can lead to less than optimal sleep quality. Who wants to feel groggy all day while they’re supposed to be having fun? Cots keep your body off the ground so you stay warmer and avoid discomfort.
Simply being on the ground opens you up to to all sorts of dangers. There are numerous documented tales of unsuspecting campers waking up to find a dangerous snake or spider sharing their sleeping bag to keep warm. The further away from the ground you sleep, the less likely you are to end up in a similar situation.
Whereas sleeping bags can rip and inflatable mattresses are prone to leaks and punctures, a camping cot is virtually invulnerable to such fates. Most cots are built with a steel or aluminum frame and covered with a sturdy nylon or canvas surface. As long as it’s cared for and stored properly, a quality one can last for decades.
The Disadvantages
While a camping cot has a lot of great benefits, as well as the comparison of AR10 and AR15 rifles, it’s not without its downfalls.
Although most cots fold up for easy storage, they may still take up considerably more space than a rolled up sleeping bag or folded air mattress. If you’re traveling with a limited capacity, this can be especially troublesome.
Cots, depending on their size and materials, can weigh far more than the more traditional beddings used for camping. The ones with a steel frame and canvas surface will be the heaviest and may be difficult to carry for long distances. For a lighter load, choose one with an aluminum frame.
While most cots are straightforward in their instructions and easy to set up, some can be very tricky to assemble correctly. Mostly, this is only an issue with army surplus cots.
Choosing a Quality Camping Cot
Anything you will be sleeping on should be selected for comfort and quality. There are many brands, sizes and styles of camping cot available, so take your time to look around. The first consideration should be your price range. They range from as little as $30 to more than $150 and you generally get what you pay for in terms of quality materials.
Your next consideration should be the weight capacity. A standard cot with a 200 pound capacity is fine for children and many adults, but anyone who is larger will want to pay special attention to this rating to avoid injury or damage to the cot itself.
It’s also important to pay attention to how the cot folds for storage, especially if your space is limited. If it doesn’t fold up to quite the dimensions you expected, it could be very inconvenient to travel with. Finally, choose your materials. While a nylon surface typically costs less, canvas is thicker, resists mold and dries faster.

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