Four Things To Look For When Purchasing A New Sleeping Bag

If you are purchasing a sleeping bag for your children so that they will be able to have a sleepover in the backyard, the only thing you are really going to have to make sure of is that it is comfortable and is sold at a good price; on the other hand, however, if you are purchasing a sleeping bag for camping – and especially for backpacking – regardless of whether it is for you or for your children, there are a few specific things you will want to make sure you look at.
The first thing to make sure you consider is the quality of the sleeping bag you are choosing to buy; realize, it can be easy early on to decide to save a bit of money with a less expensive one, but in the long run, this will actually leave you spending more money, as you will have to continually replace this low-quality option.
The next thing to make sure you look at is the temperature grade of the option you choose to go with; oftentimes, people try to save money by purchasing one with a temperature grade that is not quite where they need it to be, and then they find that they are miserable when they actually go out camping. Realize: you would much rather buy a sleeping bag that will keep you warm in cold weather than save a bit of money and be freezing all night!
If you are going backpacking, the weight and size of your sleeping bag will also be a concern; a lot of people imagine the few extra pounds of a heavy sleeping bag will not make a difference, or that a sleeping bag that barely fits in the pack will not be a problem, as long as they can squish it down in there. But those few extra pounds have the ability to make a big difference over a long day of walking, and a sleeping bag that barely fits will force you to take out other, important items.
And finally, the last thing you should pay attention to is comfort; this means that you should not be worrying about comfort over weight, temperature grade, or quality – but it also means you should still pay attention to comfort, as the last thing you will want at the end of a long day of hiking or camping is to end up with a poor night of sleep!
As you prepare for your next family camping trip, for your son’s Boy Scout trip, or for your weekend backpacking trip with your friends, make sure you keep these tips in mind, and let them lead you toward what will ultimately be the perfect night of outdoor sleep!

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